Half Steps & Whole Steps on Piano Keys - Mermaids

by Kelly Bordeaux Piano

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Description: This extra-large deck includes 85 mermaid-themed cards that will help your piano students easily identify half steps & whole steps on the piano keys in no time! Written and audio instructions are included on each card and audio instructions play automatically for the first 3 cards. Card play is randomized after the first 3 cards and students play 20 cards at a time. Instructions direct students to drag the starfish to the appropriate key to create half steps up or down or whole steps up or down. Two starfish are layered on each card, so once the student drags one the other will still be there and students will be able to see the interval on the keys. ALL half steps and whole steps up and down are covered in this deck. **Be sure to click the "RELATED BUNDLES" tab to see all the Bundles this deck is included in!**