French irregular verbs - present tense

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by Mme R's French Resources

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Subjects: language,instructionalFrench,nativeFrench

Grades: 6,7,8,9,10

Description: 30 cards for practicing French irregular verbs in the present tense. Includes 15 multiple choice cards and 15 cards where students type in the correct answers. Students will have options to choose the verbs in other tenses including the imparfait, conditionnel, passé composé, subjonctif, or futur simple.These are great for students who have learned multiple tenses but still need to review present tense irregulars. Because the students will see a variety of tenses in the multiple choice options, these are not recommended for beginners. Verbs used: avoir, être, faire, aller, venir, lire, dire, écrire, vouloir, pouvoir, devoir, sortir, dormir, partir, boire, voir