Comprehension Brief 6 (Series 2): Investigate: Chefs - Reading Comprehension for Early Readers

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by Bilingual Speech Therapy Resources

Price: 200 points or $2 USD

Subjects: ela,speech

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: Get ready to investigate this brief, detective! Learning to read AND to understand what you are reading is a difficult and challenging for emergent readers, especially for students with special needs. The Comprehension Brief asks students to read simple sentences with some new vocabulary introduced with pictures at the beginning of the short story. Story topics are age-appropriate and fun to read. The Lexile Level is 210L - 410L, which is an estimate of the reading level. Average second graders start second grade reading above 410L. This is great for average readers in first grade and struggling readers in second grade. Additionally, I think the Comprehension Brief series works well for any student who has the high frequency words down, but is working on decoding higher level words. CONTENTS: --2 pages of vocabulary review with pictures for words in the story that are not high frequency, sight words. --40-50 words per story across 6 pages with picture support. The words are high frequency words with vocabulary related to the "investigation." --5 Yes/No questions related to the story and vocabulary. Ask them immediately after the story. There are 5 pages with picture support --The last page contains extension questions without picture to extend the conversation and deepen the discussion and "investigation!!" Please purchase the whole series to work on reading comprehension, vocabulary building, and answering Yes/No questions with your students!