Pre-Staff Directional Reading for Pre-Readers - Rainbows

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by Kelly Bordeaux Piano

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Subjects: holiday,stPatricksDay,music,musicPiano,musicElementarySkills

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: This rainbow (and St. Patrick's Day)-themed deck of Boom cards includes 34 cards that review pre-staff directional reading. This deck was made especially for students who cannot read yet. Audio instructions are included on each card and answers are represented with arrows, rather than written instructions or answer options. Each card includes 3 quarter notes with stems up or stems down either moving higher, moving lower or repeating. Written and audio instructions are included on each card, and audio instructions play automatically for the first 3 cards. Play is randomized after the first 3 cards. Students play 15 cards at a time. Students are instructed to tap the arrow that is moving in the same direction as the notes on the card. **For an extra challenge or activity, have students place their hand on any group of 3 black keys and play the quarter notes on the card on the piano before playing the card!** A quick, easy review for beginning piano students just learning how the notes move in their music!