6th Grade Science Quiz

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by Dressed In Sheets

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Subjects: science,lifeScience,earthAndSpaceScience,appliedScience,physicalSciences,growthAndDevelopmentOfOrganisms,structureAndFunction

Grades: 6,7

Description: This 6th grade science quiz has 50 questions which will range in a wide variety of learned material throughout the year. From the human body to microorganisms, students will go over what they've learned. I recommend handing students a copy of the periodic table to answer a few questions while they take their quiz. Questions have multiple choice answers. Quiz includes: Periodic Table handout 50 questions answer key Students will see questions regarding: microorganisms, forces, light, energy sources, periodic table, cell cycle, Punnett square, skeletal system, muscular system, reproductive system, chemical change, speed, acceleration, Newton's laws of motion, kinetic energy, potential energy, chemical compounds, protists, fungi, Earth's atmosphere, Earth's layers, and more.