Social Skills for Speech Therapy | Friendship Lessons

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by Misty's Speech World

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Subjects: sel,speech,specialed

Grades: 1,2,3,4,5

Description: Your students will get lots social skills practice with these social skills task cards! Friendship skills targeted through these cards include learning to be a support. Each card features a situation relatable to elementary students, where the student must identify what they could say to make their friend feel better. Let's be honest, children can be brutally honest. The truth can hurt, too! Luckily, most students will grow out of this as they develop social awareness. However, some students do not. They are unable to detect the times where they should pull back on their opinions to avoid hurting their friends feelings. A clear example of this is when I ask my students the following question - "A person in your class has very bad breath. He asks you to sit next to him, but you don't want to have to smell his breath. What could you say?" - A lot of my students will respond with something like "Can you fix your breath first?" or "your breath stinks... I'll sit next to you when it smells better". Eek! Would you want to be friends with someone who is THAT honest? Some children need explicit teaching to help them learn to respond with kindness and that sometimes, telling the truth could hurt someone's feelings. If there are any issues or errors, please email me at and I will fix them within 24 hours or under!