Yes/No Questions with Audio - 20 Common Items

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by Just Different Sped

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Subjects: comprehensionAndCollaboration,vocabAcquisitionAndUse,specialAba,developmentalSkills,lifeSkills,eslVocab,earlyIntervention

Grades: 14,13

Description: Students will hear and/or read a question about a common item and answer yes or no. . Simple white non-distracting background. . Large answer buttons: yes is green, no is red. . Cards are randomized. . 40 cards total, but only 20 will appear in a session. . Audio question plays automatically on each card. See a video preview here! Who it is for: . special education . speech therapy . English language learners . beginning readers (turn sound off so question will not be read to them) . non-readers . non-verbal students Items included: boy, girl, cat, dog, cow, pig, mouse, bird, tree, flower, house, car, backpack, markers, computer, milk, sandwich, apple, burger, hot dog