Groundhog Day Numbers 0-20 | Ten Frame Activity

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by MissRobin

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Subjects: holiday,groundhogDay,math,mathElementary,countingAndCardinality,counting,cardinality

Grades: 14,13

Description: Happy Groundhog Day! Celebrate groundhogs day with your students while practicing number sense and subitizing using these groundhog ten frames! Students will count or identify how many suns are in the groundhog ten frames, and then click the corresponding number from 3 choices along the side. These Boom Cards come with: - 21 cards (1 for each number 0-10) - Written and audio directions on each card (so students can complete on their own) - Interactive, Self-Checking, and No Prep! - Winter or Spring Backgrounds and Clipart - No dragging (just clicking) - Can be used with tablets, interactive boards, laptops, and computers that are connected to the internet. - Perfect for a math center and perfect for groundhog day! Students will love the cute groundhogs and the shadows underneath them as they count the suns in the ten frames!