3rd Grade Math Spiral Review | Escape Room Bat Cave

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by Hunt 4 Treasure

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Subjects: math

Grades: 3

Description: This 3rd grade math escape room is a great spiral review activity or test prep. There are problems that cover a variety of 3rd grade math standards so it may be necessary to do some mini lessons prior to completing the escape room. Students MUST write down their answers on a piece of paper to enter codes to unlock each area. The slides are not self checking because it would make the escape room too easy to solve without needing to actually complete each step. Escape rooms are great team work activities. I recommend checking in on the students progress because every answer MUST be right to move on so they may need support along the way. Disclaimer: These questions are included in a resource I have on TPT so if you own that it could be repetitive but it is still good practice and fun for the kids. This is created using Florida Standards but they are similar to Common Core. Teachers can download the answer key for free through my Boom store.