Social Emotional Skills: Showing Kindness

by Jenna's Learning Corner

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Subjects: randomActOfKindnessDay,sel,selfAwareness,socialAwareness

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: This card deck contains 16 task cards with yes or no answer choices. Each card has a sentence that matches the picture. This sentence is supported by audio and can be found in the lower right hand corner of each card. After listening to the audio and/or reading the sentence, the student will select yes or no if they see kindness. Sentences: 1. Dion helps his mom bake bread. 2. Frank gives his dog a hug. 3. Ricky pushes Nathan into the fence and takes his backpack. 4. The students listen to their teacher at school. 5. Kevin and Malia share a book. 6. Carla and Leo stick their tongues out at their parents when asked to do their chores. 7. Jerry ignores his dad when asked to clean up his bedroom. 8. Ben cleans the snow off of his grandpa's car. 9. Cindy and Jay work together to put away towels. 10. Billy screams loudly after his sister asks him to please stop. 11. Ellie and Lisa help their mom wash the car. 12. Harry's parents help him get ready for school. 13. Molly plays and laughs with her brothers. 14. Andy pulls on his sister's hair because he is mad at her. 15. Lilly shares her blocks with her brother. 16. Allie and Tara called each other mean names and do not want to be friends.