/l/ Memory, Matching + Sound Effects!

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by Wanda Ashby

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Subjects: games,speech,articulation,specialed

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: INITIAL /l/ VOCABULARY (30 vocabulary words/pictures) 3 ACTIVITIES: ACTIVITY 1: MEMORY This is the traditional Memory/Matching game. The student selects a card and taps it to turn it over and reveal the picture. Then the student selects another card by tapping the card that he or she feels will match their card. If it is not a match, the student should tap both cards again so the cards turns back over and the pictures are hidden. If it is a match, leave both pictures face up. The object is to match all the cards. ACTIVITY 2: This is a word to picture match. The student must match the words that correspond to the pictures by dragging the word under the picture. The student should press submit when completed and the card will advance if the matches are correct. ACTIVITY 3: This is a 'just for fun' activity. All /l/ vocabulary is presented with a corresponding sound effect. It is fun to see what sound goes with the picture. For an extra challenge, have another person play the sound effect and the student must try to guess which /l/ picture goes with it.