Winter Realistic 3D Shapes

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by Ready Set Think

Price: 250 points or $2.5 USD

Subjects: math,mathElementary,geometry

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: Winter Realistic 3D Shapes Your little learners will love this winter themed realistic 3D shape boom card deck. Students look at the picture on the sign and click on the correct matching 3D shape. Audio is provided for each shape name to support the students. Simply click on the speaker icon to the left of each shape name to listen to the audio for that shape name. When needed, a red arrow is used to help students identify which part of the picture they are being asked to name. Students get plenty of practice identifying spheres, cones, cylinders, cubes, triangular prisms, rectangular prisms, and hemispheres in this winter realistic 3D boom card deck. This deck is randomized to shuffle for each round. This deck contains 50 cards with 1 introduction card that has written directions. There are 15 cards in play per round. This deck is self checking allowing teachers to quickly grab data. Students will ask to play again and again making this deck useful for centers, small groups, RTI, and distance learning. Students can take the skills learned here and apply them to objects in the home, school, and their every day lives to identify 3D shapes that are all around them. Thanks for stopping by Ready Set Think and happy teaching!