Destroy the City Monster Game with TH Articulation Words for Speech Therapy

by Language Playroom

Price: 400 points or $4 USD

Subjects: games,speech,articulation

Grades: 0

Description: A fun and interactive game with five unique rounds of TH target sound words which means this deck has tons of replay value! For students who love monsters, dinosaurs, and chaos, this game is tons of fun. Each round has 5 different pages with unique speech sound target words. Each target word is clickable, and one of the words will destroy the city, taking the player to a new page. This allows for two players to play each round and have a winner while targeting speech sounds at the word or sentence level. Each page has a different array of words in a variety of positions including initial, medial, final, and blend. The visual supports include emojis, illustrations, and real photos.