Digraph - Match Picture to Digraph Sound Audio Included

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by MsHoda

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: A digraph is when a pair of letters come together to make one sound. In this game, students will need to click the correct digraph to correctly spell the name of the picture shown. There are 41 pictures in total. ******************************************************************************** This packet includes: 41 Deck Cards Audio Included Multiple Choice Engaging illustrations Here are some examples of a digraph in this game: SH - as in wish KN - as in knot CH - as in chair PH - as in phone CK - as in duck SS - as in chess or dress TCH - as in watch or witch TH - as in thick WH - as in whale CH - as in rich SH - as in shoe or sheep OW - as in snow UI - as in fruit OE - as in toe OO - as in book OA - as in boat EA - as in thread EA - as in beach IE - as in pie IE - as in shield UE - as in glue OO - as in wood EY - as in they AI - as in rain ********************************************************************************