Phoneme Substitutions Medial Short Vowels CVC Words

by the OG SLP

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Subjects: reading,phonologicalAwareness,phonics,readingSkills,eslVocab

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: Phonemic awareness skills help build a strong foundation for reading and spelling success. This 50-card deck helps build phonemic awareness skills for MEDIAL (middle) SHORT VOWEL sounds. Specifically, this set builds upon phoneme manipulation or phoneme substitution skills. Students must: - read/say the word at the top (ex. bug) - change the middle short vowel sound according to the letters given (ex. u -> a) - identify the new word by choosing the correct picture (ex. bag) After identifying the correct picture, students move to the next card. Cards are presented in random order, so students will come upon cards with any mixture of the 5 short vowel sounds. Students will build their ability to identify vowel sounds as well as develop phoneme manipulation abilities, specifically substitutions (changing one sound in a word to create a new word). This activity aligns with the Science of Reading research and complements Orton-Gillingham lessons targeting CVC words. This deck is great practice for students building phonological awareness skills while building early decoding and encoding skills for CVC short vowel words.