Vocabulary: Farm Animals

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by Brittany Colston, SLP

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Subjects: speech,specialed

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: This deck is designed to target receptive and expressive vocabulary skills using real pictures. It includes skills such as identifying the vocabulary word in a field of 2 pictures, field of 3 pictures, field of 4 pictures, as well as labeling in pictures. This is a great way to practice vocabulary words using real pictures, and is a great resource to send home for extra practice! There are 15 vocabulary targets in this deck listed below. 15 Target Words: -cow -horse -pig -sheep -chicken -rooster -goat -donkey -duck -bunny -cat -dog -farmer -barn -tractor *Check out my Vocabulary Bundle which includes 10 vocabulary topics, and 150 vocabulary words. Vocabulary topics include: household items, toys, vehicles, clothing, food, fruit, vegetables, farm animals, zoo animals, and ocean animals. *Also, check out my Category boom cards deck that includes a multi-tier approach to teach and practice category skills; including 10 different categories targeted, and 4 levels to practice. I’d love to hear feedback! Thanks so much!