Easter Telling Time Hour Half Hour Analog Digital

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by RoJM Teaching Resources

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Subjects: firstDayOfSpring,easter,time

Grades: 13,1,2,3

Description: There are 24 cards in this deck relating to Easter - telling the time on the hour (o’clock times) and half past the hour. 1. First, read the digital clock time. It could be an o’clock time or a half past the hour time. 2. Then tap or click one of the multiple-choice matching analog clocks. The deck will advance to the next card if the student has selected the correct matching clock times. You will see a green circle and hear a bell sound. If you are incorrect, there is a whoops sound, and a red circle will appear. You can try again until you select the correct matching times. Feedback is instant. The cards are randomized – each time the deck is played the cards will be in a different order. Benefits: • Practice reading clocks • Reading o’clock and half past times • Work independently • Great for early finishers and an extension to your math lessons