Social Emotional Learning Check-In Journal (self-awareness)

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by Pathway 2 Success

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Subjects: sel,selfAwareness,specialed,emotionalAndBehavioralSkills,psychology

Grades: 3,4,5,6

Description: Use this daily social emotional learning check-in journal to give an emotion regulation check-in every day while also integrating other SEL skills including mindfulness, positive affirmations, self-advocacy, values, and more. Each page includes 4 sections to help students start their day off on a positive note. NOTE: These cards are intended to be used ONE per day as a check-in while learning SEL skills. It includes 35 DAILY SEL check-in pages (7 weeks) filled with meaningful social-emotional activities, broken down in a fun and simple way. Each Day Includes: 1. Emotions Check-In: In this section of the daily check-in, students will say how they are feeling and share any other thoughts on their mind. 2. Positive Affirmation: Students will learn a new daily positive self-talk statement, re-write it, and say it to themselves. Then, they can share what it means or when they might use it. 3. SEL Skill: Here students will learn a new social-emotional skill. These are skills that will help them in everyday life (see list below). 4. Mindful Moment: This is a quick activity to help give students a calm start to the day. Some activities include mindful breathing, answering a question, or practicing mindfulness in another way. Some skills include: Self-Awareness Positive Traits Being Unique Confidence Understanding Strengths Respecting Yourself Understanding Your Values Practicing Gratitude Understanding Emotions AND MORE!