Wearing a Mask Core Vocabulary KIDS EDITION: "Put on"/"Take off"

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by Miss D SLP

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Subjects: speech,specialed

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: Need a fun activity to teach your students about wearing masks? In this fun 24-card core vocabulary activity, your students will help the fun animals "put on" and "take off" their masks! The first three cards provide an introduction to mask-wearing! Describing why, how and where to wear masks! The following 20 cards alternate between the core phrases, "Put on" & "Take off" to help the children put their masks on at school and take them off when they go outside! There are 10 cards for each phrase for repetitive practice and easy data collection! The final card in the deck is a reward card that allows your students to give some of the kids cookies! There are five kids and three types of cookies on the final card which allows for free-play fun or can be structured into a following directions or requesting game! (e.g., "Feed the girl with a ponytail a chocolate chip cookie!", "I want the cookie with sprinkles", or "Give the boys two different cookies!") This deck contains optional prerecorded audio on each page. Audio does not auto-play and requires that you click the speaker button. This deck is intended to be played with a communication partner or teacher to model and facilitate core vocabulary! This deck can easily be played with students individually or as a whole group to help children become more familiar and comfortable with wearing their masks!