Articulation - Bug swat!

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by Katrina Bevan- Speech Language Pathologist

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Subjects: speech,articulation,earlyIntervention,games

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: Articulation Bug Swat is a fun & interactive way to focus on speech sounds. The following Boom Cards™ provide students to "swat" a bug to reveal a picture behind it. The deck has a starting page, that lists the sounds included & whether they are in the initial, medial or final positions of words. Students are presented with the 10 bugs. Students click on the bugs to make them disappear. Each bug will have a picture behind it. Students can say the word as many times as need and make a sentence about the picture. Sounds included: p, b, t, d, k, g, f, m, n, y, w, h, s, z, l, r, v, th, sh, j, ch, s blends, l blends & r blends. Your purchase includes: Access to the 60 Boom Cards™ in this deck on the Boom Learning™ website 1 contents card listing sounds available to play Preparation: No prep! Boom Cards™ are played on a website so no printing, laminating or cutting! You will need to: Purchase this product & add the deck to your Boom library (You will have to create or log into your Boom account) The deck will now stay in your library ready for use with your students! I like to use this set of Boom Cards™ for: → Distance Learning on computers, tablets & phones → Telepractice/telehealth → Articulation therapy → For word & sentence level