Digraph Match - /ch/, /tch/, /sh, /th

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by Limes & Lemon

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Subjects: ela,phonologicalAwareness,reading,phonics,foundationalSkills,fluency,specialed

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: Common Core Language Standards: L.K Language (L.K.2.c) These 40 digital task cards help students practice Digraph -sh, -ch, -tch, -th. Listen and choose the correct sound. 10 words of each digraph are present. There are 40 cards in the deck. Each time you play, you will play 40 cards in random order. So every time you play you may get different cards, depending on how they are randomized. The audio of the question is auto-played to help the students understand the questions. CCSS L.K.2.c