Decoding CVC Words Set 2

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by The Purple Reading Teacher

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: This deck includes CVC words with all short vowels. Set #1 and Set #2 are mirror images of each other. By that I mean they use the opposite CVC Word. For example, card one in Set #1 is jig and Set #2 is jog for the other picture. There are 72 cards in each deck for multiple fun and engaging play times. The first card in each deck includes audio directions and an example. The two options differ only in the vowel sound. This is more challenging than if the two choices were completely different. (I will be working on a deck that includes two options that are different!) Students need to master those vowel sounds to be proficient decoders. This is a challenging resource so be sure your students are ready! They need lots of practice stretching and blending those sounds first. See the other CVC Words resources in my store for that practice first. Check back soon for a deck that includes those different choices. It may be a more appropriate step for some students.