Language Game - Vocabulary - Don't Get Caught

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by Little Speech Shop

Price: 475 points or $4.75 USD

Subjects: ela,speech,reading,elaLanguage,vocabAcquisitionAndUse,expressiveLanguage

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: Your secret agent has been tasked with gathering information. But be careful! DON'T GET CAUGHT! Practice vocabulary and see how many you can click before your agent gets caught. Each page has 16 vocabulary targets. One target is randomly assigned to have the player "caught" - moving to the next page of targets! There are 5 ways to get caught: security guard, cameras, guard dog, alarm and security beams. There are 6 pages for each level. 7 Levels are included - Antonyms - Synonyms - Categories (3 pages to identify, 3 pages to name) - Adjectives - Compare and Contrast - Associations - Multiple meaning words 42 pages total! The “caught” target is in a new position on each page. Click on the number to reveal the word. Click on it to see the answer. This way, the player can check their own answers. Sound effects and GIFs are included!