Christmas Heat Transfer - Conduction Convection Radiation

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by Nurtured Nature

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Subjects: science,holiday,christmas,physicalSciences,definitionsOfEnergy,conservationOfEnergyAndEnergyTransfer

Grades: 4,5,6

Description: Do your students need practice differentiating between conduction, convection, and radiation? Boost student engagement with this Christmas Boom cards deck! Your students will get practice differentiating between types of heat transfer with 20 Christmas themed scenarios. Each scenario features Christmas activities and items and invites students to determine if conduction, convection, or radiation has occurred. Why use Boom cards for Science? ✅ Self-checking practice mean less grading for you! ✅ Immediate feedback for students helps to correct misconceptions promptly. ✅ Practice including a variety of examples is available for your students, without you spending hours writing questions.