Summer Short Stories, Story Retell and Sequencing

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by Language Speech and Literacy

Price: 1440 points or $14.4 USD

Subjects: seasonSummer,englishSecondLanguage,ela,receptiveLanguage,speech,expressiveLanguage,speakingListening

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: Looking for a fun and interactive way to help your child with their speech therapy goals this summer! This engaging speech therapy Boom Card bundle features 6 adorable summer stories. Each story includes 8 colorful scenes (48 total) with WH-question visuals to elicit short stories about a variety of activities. Kids will learn multiple language skills including telling and retelling a story, sequencing, vocabulary, pronouns, verbs, WH questions, increasing MLU, expanding sentences, prepositions, and following directions. ⭐️What’s included • 6 engaging and fun stories • Each story includes 8 pages of vibrant colorful scenes with WH question visuals and GIF animated moveable pieces. • WH questions visual cues “who” “what” and “where” on each slide as a reminder for students • Moveable matching tokens to cover each WH question visual cue as each part of a sentence or utterance is expressed. • Moveable animated pieces on each slide to teach following directions and prepositions. • The option to print the Boom Cards in 3 different sizes. ⭐️Targets: • Storytelling and retelling • Sequencing • Inferences • Expanding sentences • Pronouns • Verbs • Vocabulary • WH questions • Prepositions • Following directions • Telling and retelling a short story • These photo scenes may be used for a variety of purposes such as asking and answering questions, conversation starters for students working on carryover of skills in articulation and fluency, and sentence formulation and expansion.