Division Box Method With No Remainders

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by CreativeScholars

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Subjects: math

Grades: 4,5

Description: Are your students struggling with dividing multi-digit numbers? These 31 task cards provide practice with this type of division using the box method, also known as the area model. It uses student understanding of multiplication to solve division problems. There are no problems with remainders. Students are asked to analyze for errors, provide missing information, and solve a variety of multi-digit division problems. The first card is included as a review of the strategy with tips for students. 4.OA.2, 4.NBT.B5, 5.NBT.B5 Cards 2-16 start with three digits divided by one digit and progress to four digits divided by one digit. Cards 17-31 start with three digits divided by two digits and progress to four digits divided by two digits. Please note that these cards are designed for additional practice working with this handy strategy. Students should already be familiar with using the box method/area model.. It will be helpful for students to have pencil and paper for solving. This deck feature 4 different types of questions: Some are a combo of more than one type. Multiple-choice options (4 answer choices) Type the correct answer (fill in the blank) – word banks provided Choose the correct answer (2 or more answer choices) Drag and drop - students are asked to drag the correct answer to an icon on the card (multiple choices) Follow my store for more great math decks!!