Build the Number (Ten Frame) - Holiday Cookies

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by ELK Designs

Price: 150 points or $1.5 USD

Subjects: math

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: Vibrantly colored, engaging clipart! This randomized deck includes 10 CARDS (one for each number, 1 - 10) focusing on building the number on the card. Students drag the number of items specified to the ten frame, counting from left to right. Each card has an accompanying recording for AUDIO support (INDEPENDENT use for little learners!) Targeted skills: - Numbers and Operations: Counting - (1) rote count to 10; (2) counts with 1-1 correspondence - Numbers and Operations: Representation - (1) identifies numerals; (2) matches numeral with quantity - Subitizing small groups - Numbers and Operations: Addition - Combines and names how many