MATERIALES ESCOLARES/School Supplies for Spanish Learners

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by Teach Spanish Online

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Subjects: language,instructionalSpanish

Grades: 1,2,3,4,5

Description: Dive into the vibrant world of school supplies with our engaging Boom Cards for elementary school kids learning Spanish! Explore essential vocabulary, including tijeras, mochila, pegante, lapiz, libro, computador, and silla, through dynamic and interactive activities. Key Features: -Vocabulary Presentation: Immerse young learners in the world of school supplies through dynamic flashcards with native speaker pronunciations. -Choose the Right Option: Encourage critical thinking as students select the correct word based on a picture, reinforcing the association between words and images. -Listen and Choose the Right Picture: Elevate auditory and visual comprehension by listening to words and selecting corresponding pictures. -Classify Between Feminine and Masculine Nouns: Introduce Spanish grammar by categorizing supplies into feminine and masculine nouns, reinforcing vocabulary and language structures. -Count the Items and Fill in the Gap: Develop numerical skills in Spanish as students count supplies and fill in blanks with the correct number, combining language learning with basic math concepts. -Fill in the Gap with the Correct Color: Reinforce gender concordance by filling in blanks with the appropriate colors for supplies. Ignite the excitement of learning with our School Supplies Boom Cards – the perfect blend of education and enjoyment for young Spanish language learners! ¡Vamos a aprender!