Adding Integers

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by Ms. Broccoli's Boutique

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Subjects: math

Grades: 7

Description: Adding Integers This deck contains 30 task cards with questions about adding integers. This set of BOOM cards is perfect for practice or a quick check for understanding after being introduced to the concept adding integers. There are different kinds of questions included in this deck, and they will shuffle in a random order for each student. Students are required to enter their answers and each card is self-checking for easy grading! The types of questions you will find in this 30 card deck are: Adding positive and negative integers – example: -3 + 2 or 5 +(-15) Adding negative and negative integers – example: -4 + (-14) Adding positive and negative integers with a sum of zero- example: -6 +6 This set is a great beginner level check for understanding adding positive and negative integers. Common Core Standard 7.NS.A.1.B Check out my store for a Subtracting Integers BOOM card deck or buy a bundle for a discounted price!