Nouns and Verbs - Identifying Nouns and Verbs

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Subjects: ela,holiday,firstDayOfWinter,elaLanguage,englishSecondLanguage,knowledgeOfLanguage,vocabAcquisitionAndUse

Grades: 1,2,3

Description: Do your students need practice and review identifying nouns and verbs? This parts of speech Nouns and Verbs multiple choice deck includes 40 task cards. Your students will use the visual clues, read nouns and verbs, and click on the correct answer. You will be able to guide your students during whole and small group ELA, Language Arts, and Grammar time and keep them excited using these nouns and verbs activities. Your students will learn to recognize and identify nouns and verbs using grammar parts of speech Boom Card set. This deck is randomized and allows you to assign all 40 noun and verb cards at one time, or as few as your students need.