FREE Spring Language Game Activity for Kindergarten | How Fast Can You Answer?

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by The Viral Teacher

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Subjects: ela,games,firstDayOfSpring,elaLanguage,elaLanguageSpelling,knowledgeOfLanguage,vocabAcquisitionAndUse

Grades: 13,1

Description: Challenge your kindergarten to 1st grade students to answer 20 ELA questions in under 60 seconds with the How Fast Can You Answer game spring edition! This FREE VERSION of the game has 2 (two) categories, and 2 teams should compete. The team with the highest number of questions answered wins. **PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS A FREE VERSION OF THE GAME. THE FULL GAME CAN BE FOUND ON THIS LINK: THE CATEGORIES INCLUDE: 1. Question Words 2. Synonyms HOW TO PLAY: 1. Set up two teams. There are 2 rounds for this game. 2. Prepare a timer and set it to 60 seconds. 3. All team members line up in front of the smartboard to answer the question. One member = one question. Each team is given 20 questions to answer in 60 seconds. The timer starts as soon as the first team member presses the button. 4. Each member clicks on any button to reveal a question. (There are also directions on each card to guide the students.) If a team member does not know the answer or when he/she answers the question correctly, they go to the end of the line and wait for their turn to answer again.  5. The teacher counts how many correct answers each team gets. The team with the highest number of answered questions wins. This deck follows these Common Core Standards: 1. L.K.1.C 2. L.K.1.D 3. L.K.1.E Questions? I have answers! Email me at