ASL Emotions task cards.

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by Mrs Burgen

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Subjects: ela,specialed,language

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: TEACHERS OF THE DEAF One major key in teaching Deaf or Hard of Hearing readers is EXPOSURE to VOCABULARY. As a teacher you are constantly providing repeated exposure to vocabulary in an attempt to broaden your student's vocabulary both SIGNED and in PRINT. This Digital version of Emotions Vocabulary gives your students differentiated practice with vocabulary while providing visual support in both ASL and English. ********WHAT YOU ARE GETTING in EMOTIONS****** 9 target vocabulary words confused, embarrassed, excited, happy, mad, proud, sad, scared, surprised Sentence building words. I feel ______. 5 boom card sections Read the book Read the book independently or with a friend/adult. Slides include the words in both Sign Language and English print. Build the sentence Using the slides from the story, students are given the 3 word sentence (Signed/Print). Students will drag and drop the sentence in the correct English word order Choose the correct sign Given a picture of the emotion, students will select the correct sign shown in Sign/print by touching the correct sign (choose the correct sign from 4) Label the Emotion When shown the emotion and 4 words, students will type the correct word (a choice of 4 signed/printed words are given) Drag and drop the Sign Students will drag and drop to match the emotion with the sign.