-um Short U CVC Word Phonics

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by Kiddos and Crayons by Jordan Piacenti

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 13,1

Description: 20 cards to practice the -um short u word family: gum, hum, sum, yum The first card is an instructional card with audio introducing the -um sound and the words used in the deck. The second card is a reading practice card where students can decode the cvc -um word and then listen to the audio to check their work. Activities include: -Read the word and select the matching picture -Build the word from scrambled letters -Spell the word shown by the picture -Word sort -Picture sort -Add the correct ending letters to complete the word (first letter is given) -Click on the surfboards that show the -um pictures -Move the rubber ducks with the -um words to the tub -Finish the words on the word ladder Audio directions included on each card.