Spring Core Vocabulary Activites

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by The Petite Speech Geek

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Subjects: language,speech,specialed

Grades: 0

Description: Students will work on a variety of different core vocabulary activities with this spring-themed resource. Use the table of contents card OR the Core Board to access the activities: 1. Sorting Seasons: Target core word "put": drag items into their correct seasons. 1 card 2. Find & Match Sensory Bin: Target core word: "more"- students will find 10 spring items and match them in this water beads sensory bin. 1 card 3. Feed The Spring Friends: Target core word: "want"- students can choose between 5 different (animated gifs) spring insects to feed. 20 foods. 1 card 4. What can it be? Cloud Animals: Target core word: "what". Students will slide the cloud over to reveal a shape. Ask students to guess what the animal is and then click on it in the multiple choice box! 15 cards 5. Plant the flowers in the garden: target core word: "in". 12 flowers, 1 card. 6. What's/Who's Behind The Door? target core word: "open"-Students will click on the core word to open the door and see an animated spring gif. 10 doors, 20 cards. 7. Backyard Search: target: "see/look"- ask students to move items to find 10 animated spring gifs. 1 card 8. What's the weather? Is it? target: "no"- Ask students to open the window to find that the weather outside doesn't match the weather in the picture. Ask students to respond using and clicking on the target core word. 10 cards You will know you reached the end of an activity with multiple pages when you see the stop sign in the bottom corner.