Chromatic & Diatonic Half and Whole Steps - RCM5

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by 88keys4music

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Subjects: music,musicBand,musicChoir,musicOrchestra,musicPiano,musicGuitar

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Description: Chromatic and diatonic half steps and whole steps (whole tones and semi-tones) get lots of review in this supersized deck! Watch your students' confidence grow as they master this concept! This deck correlates with RCM Level 5 (Royal Conservatory of Music.) This is not a product of RCM, but provides extra practice for concepts covered in the Level 5 Celebrate Theory workbook. Each card has both written and audio instructions. Students drag a note to the correct position on the staff, then complete the half or whole step with an accidental, if needed. A keyboard graphic with draggable stars is provided on each card to encourage the student to visually plan the interval before completing it. Five teaching cards explain the concepts at the start of each round, followed by 15 randomized cards. Students will play a different game every time. Great for online or in-person piano lessons, theory classes, band classes, music classes, music lab, take-home activities, homeschooling, and device-based learning.