FREEBIE: Spring Hide & Seek Artic Game Medial L ONLY!

by ChelSLP

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Subjects: speech,games,holiday,firstDayOfSpring,seasonSummer,easter

Grades: 0

Description: **FREEBIE- This free version contains the medial L sound ONLY!** Below is a description of what is included in the FULL version.. Find the hidden "spring things" at the park while working on your speech goals! This deck focuses on articulation however there are two open-ended versions that can be used with any goal. This deck contains the following targets: /s/- all positions /k/- all positions /g/- all positions /f/- all positions /l/- all positions /r/- all positions, blends /sh/-all positions /ch/- all positions /th/- mixed s-blends l-blends blends with initial /k/ Open ended- #'s to be used with spinner or dice Open ended- Spring theme