Valentine Multiple Meaning Words BOOM

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by Ann Fausnight

Price: 300 points or $3 USD

Subjects: ela

Grades: 3,4

Description: Add some Valentine fun to multiple meaning words. These 30 task cards help students develop skills in understanding multiple meaning words in context. 16 Multiple meanings or homographs are presented as dictionary definitions. Students get to complete a fun Valentine at the end. 16 cards have a sentence followed by a dictionary definition with 3 possible meanings of the word. Students click on the box with the number of the correct usage. Words used: rose, date, list, balloon, row, kid, point, state, tip, heart, love, punch, cane, ring, short, and buck. All the sentences have a Valentine theme 7 cards have three sentences with the same word. Students match the correct definition to each sentence. 6 review cards use drag and drop to practice the meanings of the 4 previous words. 1 fun slide provides a celebration for work completed. Or get this product as part of my Multiple Meaning Words Year Long Bundle. Save 450 points. 33 slides for Using Dictionaries 9 slides for Multiple Meaning Words 33 slides for Halloween Multiple Meaning Words 33 slides for Thanksgiving Multiple Meaning Words 33 slides for Christmas Multiple Meaning Words 30 slides for Valentine Multiple Meaning Words 31 slides for Spring Multiple Meaning Words