Spring Reading Comprehension: Sentence Level

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by The Speech Banana

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Subjects: specialed

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: Students read sentences and choose the correct corresponding photo. This is a multiple-choice digital task card deck. Sentences in this deck: I have a pet cat and dog. The eggs are in the nest. The flowers are blooming. The bunny is in the basket. Flowers grow through our fence. Maddox wants a bunny cupcake. My sister is having a birthday party. We saw deer on the walking trail. I like yellow flowers. The butterfly is beautiful. The basket if full of eggs. I like to go to the playground. The horse is jumping. Jelly beans are my favorite sweet treat. The ducks are getting in the pond. I see a little chick. The dogs are wearing rabbit ears. She is planting flowers. Enjoy & Always Have Fun! Jenn Saliba - The Speech Banana *follow @thespeechbanana for weekly freebies*