Articulation Cards for Speech Therapy R Initial Sound FREE

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by Stacy Crouse

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Subjects: speech,articulation

Grades: 3,4,5,6

Description: Articulation cards are a must-have for speech therapy, and this FREE deck for the initial /r/ sound is a versatile tool for SLPs. The digital articulation cards have built-in features such as modeling (audio included!) and self-monitoring. A total of 30 cards to practice the initial /r/ sound are included. These cards can be used to: ✔ Evaluate stimulability ✔ Collect baseline & progress monitoring data ✔ Provide practice/drill ✔ Work on self-monitoring ✔ Assign for home practice Each card comes with: ★ A bright, colorful picture ★ The target word ★ An audio button ★ Checkmark and 'X' buttons for the SLP, parent, or student to push if the word was articulated correctly or needs to be practiced again. Practice speech in phrases & sentences by having students create their own with the target words. The audio clips promote student independence, and students can monitor and self-rate their own productions to take more ownership of their speech. The cards in this deck play in random order when played OUTSIDE of preview mode. To navigate to a specific word: ► From your library, click the “Action” button next to the deck, then click “Custom Play Settings” and toggle “Turn off randomizing the cards” OR… ► Then, to navigate to a particular word when playing the deck, click “Overview” and arrow over to the desired section of the deck.