Free Sequencing Hygiene Pictures

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by Speech Your Mind

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Subjects: speech,speakingListening,communicationSkills,lifeSkills,healthPhysEd,developmentalSkills

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: Free Sequencing Hygiene ! Visual sequencing is a foundation of many language skills. This resource allows you to target ... understanding order and logic, developing receptive and expressive vocabulary, and re-telling the steps of a sequence. Target understanding of visual sequences by finding the missing picture(s) or putting the entire sequence in order. Target expressive language skills by asking students to describe each picture. Expand language skills further by practicing sequential terms such as (first, next, and last) to re-tell the story/ sequence. The deck has 5 HYGIENE sequences and different levels of difficulty to branch and/or scaffold for individual student's needs. Students will work on finding the missing picture(s) in a 4-step sequence. 5 sequences : Washing Hands, Washing Your Face, Brushing Teeth, Braiding Hair, Washing Hair. 3 Levels of Difficulty: * Find 1 Missing Picture * Find 2 Missing Pictures * Put the Entire Sequence in Order Sequencing Hygiene | Sequencing Life Skills