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by Ivy League Language

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Subjects: speech

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: This deck is useful for working on relational vocabulary and understanding of qualities/descriptions. Students will learn about attributes and how items are similar/related through their: categories (12 cards): places, people, drinks, foods, art supplies, electronics, furniture, tools, vehicles, toys, clothing, animals functions (5 cards): things that/you fly, eat, grow, wear, open appearances (6 cards): things that are spotted, large, small, yellow, green, round parts (6 cards): feathers, scales, buttons, wheels, handles, wings locations (6 cards): things in a restaurant, school, playground, hospital, bathroom, kitchen compositions (5 cards): things made of dough, glass, wood, cloth, plastic misc (5 cards): things that are hot, cold, sweet, noisy, smelly PRINTABLE VERSION + BOOM CARDS IN TPT STORE.