Sight Words in Spanish for Third Grade - Palabras de uso frecuente tercer grado.

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by Spanish Lessons with Mrs. Hall

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Grades: 1,2,3,4

Description: Hola!! Thank you very much for your support! High-Frequency Words in Spanish for Third Grade / Sight words in Spanish This deck is great to learn, identify and write "Las palabras de uso frecuente" Second grade. They are 60 cards to practice. They can be used in a small group, whole class, or "write section" as a spelling test :) Escucha - students will listen to the word as they see it. Identifica - Students will listen to the word and drag it where it belongs Escribe - Students will listen and write the word in the box. They can listen to the instruction on each card by clicking on the speaker. They will click on the kids to hear the asked word. Words included: ahora, como, cuando, el, está, feliz, gente, ha, había, hace, hacía, he, hecho, hice, hicieron, hizo, iba, llamo, México, pensé, pequeño, quien, quiere, sábado, ser, solo, sido, tiempo, tu, tú and tomar. Thank you again and if you have a question or suggestion please, let me know! I am here to help!! Note: Audio from a Native Spanish Speaker