Body Parts (Basic Internal Organs)

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by Decksters' Lab

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Subjects: speech,receptiveLanguage,vocabAcquisitionAndUse

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Description: With this purchase, you'll get a Boom deck about basic body parts, specifically internal organs. This deck will only be covering common internal body parts namely: heart, brain, liver, reproductive organs (general), lungs, stomach, etc. It is suitable for young learners who are only starting to learn about this particular concept. If you are looking for the more common body parts (eyes, ears, nose, mouth, etc), you may check out our other Boom deck Basic Body Parts. This deck has two parts. The first part is the teaching part, wherein each organ’s name and function are briefly explained. The second part is the quiz part, wherein students are tasked to answer questions based on what they have learned. This deck can be used to target: 1. Vocabulary (Body parts, body function) 2. Receptive language 3. Association This deck includes: - Teaching part briefly discussing each organ - Questions about common body parts (label, location and function) - Two types for function (with choices and without choices) - 10 items per type (a total of 40 items) This can be used as a target activity, practice, or reinforcement.