Music Note Stem Direction with Right & Left Hands

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by Kelly Bordeaux Piano

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Subjects: art,music,musicPiano

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: Are your beginning piano students struggling with music note stem direction as it relates to playing with the right or the left hand? This deck of 30 BOOM Cards reviews just that! Left hands are associated with stems down notes and right hands are associated with stems up notes. A quick first introduction to music note stem direction! Each card includes audio and written instructions. Audio instructions play automatically for the first 3 cards and instruct students to drag the 2 notes to the correct boxes above the right and left hands. Students must get both answers correct in order to proceed to the next card. The remaining cards after the first 3 are randomized and students play all 16 cards each time they play. Quarter notes and half notes are the only note types to be reviewed in this deck. **This deck was not created by Wunderkeys creators, but the concept presented coordinates well with Wunderkeys Preschool Book 3 and Wunderkeys Primer Book 1.