Measurement using Snap Cubes Back to School 1st Grade Math

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by The Mountain Teacher

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Subjects: math,mathElementary,counting,measurementAndData,measurement

Grades: 13,1

Description: Searching for an adorable back to school 1st grade measurement boom deck perfect for kindergarten review or 1st grade students? Have students experts at measuring with snap cubes in no time! Students and teachers will LOVE these 40 interactive cards, with 40 problems for measuring objects with snap cubes. Students will practice looking at an object and counting snap cubes up to 10 to measure the object. Who are these BOOM cards for? These measurement math boom cards are PERFECT for kindergarten or 1st grade students working on measuring at back to school time. Which standards are covered in the measurement boom cards? - K.MD.A.1: Describe measurable attributes of objects, such as length or weight. Describe several measurable attributes of a single object. - 1.MD.A.2: Express the length of an object as a whole number of length units, by laying multiple copies of a shorter object (the length unit) end to end; understand that the length measurement of an object is the number of same-size length units that span it with no gaps or overlaps.