Summer Items Search and Find!

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by SLPstyle

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Subjects: ela,sel,speech

Grades: 2,3,4,5,6

Description: This fun Summer themed activity is great for elementary classroom activities and functional life skills activities for all ages. It was created as a teacher/therapist led activity. Great for small group instruction and for use with students during speech and language therapy. The following areas can be targeted: Receptive/expressive (spring related) vocabulary Functional vocabulary related to daily living/life skills Use core vocabulary with AAC users to describe items Word retrieval/word finding Following Directions Category naming Describing items Receptive and Expressive language Sentence formulation Articulation Fluency Directions: Follow the prompts on the directions cards and click on Next. On the flashlight pages move the flashlight around with a mouse or finger to find the item that matches with the description on the directions card. Click Next to advance the slides. After your students have found item they will prompted to put the item in a sentence. When finished typing ,hit submit. At the end of the activity there is a slide that includes a prompt in which students can use the vocabulary to create a silly story. After the sentences/stories are typed in the box hit submit. Great for teletherapy or for a group distance learning activity. Thank you so much Pigknit for the AMAZING clip art! Thanks to Erintegration for the awesome Flashlight Thanks to Canva for the photos