Valentine R S L Blends Uncover the Picture

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by Annie's ABC's and 123's

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Subjects: ela,foundationalSkills,phonics,reading,valentinesDay,holiday

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: Valentine's Day R S L Blends uncover the picture. Help students master R S L Blend words and have fun while uncovering a secret picture. Blends include sk, pr, sm, st, gl, sp, sw, gr, pl, sl, tr, cl, fr, br, dr, sn Students will read the R S L blend word and choose the picture that matches. Decks are self-correcting! If a student chooses a wrong answer they can continue to choose until the correct answer is chosen. When the correct answer is given, the card will progress and reveal a piece of the secret picture. Words - skunk, printer, smoke, stick, glasses, spill, sweater, grass, plum, slip, truck, clown, frame, brick, drip, snail Audio is included for students who need to hear directions. Cards 1-16 - "Read the word and choose the picture that matches." Card 17 - "You did it, you read all the words, now choose the go button to end the game." Check out the other S L R Valentine's Day Word Blends activities I have in my store. Don't forget to check out the Valentine's Day Word blend bundle and SAVE.