Spring Negation Understanding Negatives in Sentences

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by Build Words SLP

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Subjects: elaLanguage,elaLanguageGrammar,firstDayOfSpring,speech,receptiveLanguage,comprehensionAndCollaboration

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: Build understanding of NEGATION! This deck contains Spring themed cards with 4 grammar tasks to target negation for students in grades preK-2 . The cards are presented in order of difficulty in interpreting the use of NOT in explicit negative sentences . Each card has a sentence with a highlighted word which when stressed, impacts comprehension of the sentence; the student finds the picture that matches the meaning of each sentence. The deck is navigated with a Table of Contents. Task 1: Negated Action Verb e.g. "A chick is not HATCHING." Task 2: Negated Subject e.g. "The UMBRELLA is not yellow." Task 3: Negated Object of a Preposition e.g. "The butterfly is not over a BUSH." Task 4: Negated Direct Object e.g. "The girl is not wearing a RAINCOAT." Be sure to check out the other themed Negatives in Sentences resources in my store!