Alphabet_Beginning Sounds_Caterpillar Fun

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by Smart Land

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: Fun and super cute spring Alphabet Beginning Sound & Letter correspondence practice! Happy Caterpillar is carrying the beginning sound objects for the letter - one of them doesn't belong! Spot this 'odd one out' and click on it to pass the card. 26 colorful audio supported cards to cover all the letters - one per letter (in alphabetical order). Though the task is to find the wrong answer, let make use of the correct words as well! There are 96 beginning sound objects in this deck - 3+ for each letter - this is how many words we can practice and convert to our active vocabulary! *Each card contains a small note indicating the answer (the word that doesn't belong) *Letter X features 2 beginning sound and 1 ending sound objects Hope, you and your students enjoy this practice! Please check my store for more Alphabet practice decks and other Spring resources. Thank you!