Match-Up /rl/ Co-articulation R Freebie!

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by Sparkle Speechie

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Subjects: speech

Grades: 2,3,4,6,8

Description: Artic Match-Up /rl/ FREEBIE is a matching game that targets /rl/. The board has ten word pairs that randomize each time the deck is opened or refreshed so, no two games are the same. Need more /r/ practice? Check out Match up decks for pre-vocalic and vocalic /r/, which are paid products with multiple boards per deck. Artic Match-Up is designed with virtual therapy in mind. Cards are numbered so that players can easily identify which cards they wish to move. There is a built in point tracker for groups up to four players, to keep score, if you wish. There is a reason matching games are a therapy staple. These games provide plenty of opportunities to practice targets at the word level and in carrier phrases, with just the right amount of fun sprinkled in. I hope you enjoy using this product as much as I do! For more games, feebies, and much more, check out my store: Sparkle Speechie. Thanks for looking, -Leslie